BEETHOVEN:·KK4+5·GIL. and others

performance with 10 found tapes of classical music and a tape-recorder

together with Wolfgang Obermair
curated by Ludwig Kittinger & Fernando Mesquita

“Lost Tapes depicts fictional, traumatic scenarios in which music attacks people. The series is shot in a documentary style, it is a fictional work. The series never states that its footage is real, only that it has been inspired by the possibility that hidden music exists.”

The audio tapes with classical music are found objects. Their origin is probably from an artist studio. Collages and paintings are part of the handmade design of the sleeves.
s part of the performance the tapes are played back on a tape recorder – an anachronistic technology. The sound quality is specific in its kind for today's recipient. Classical music fills the whole room. In an alternative space for contemporary art the performance almost hits physically.

16 November,
2010 Ve.Sch, Vienna