Display Case

Video, 2014, 10´14´´

The video was filmed during one weekend in April of 2014 at the Central Armed Forces Museum in Moscow. On this day there were especially many visitors at the museum, mostly school classes. All of them were in high spirits due to the fact that Crimea has recently become Russian again. The exhibition, mainly intended to encourage patriotic feelings in the audience, allowed them to be proud of the victories and valour of the Russian-Soviet Army.

Only one display case, located in a space between the two main halls, was dedicated to the concentration camps as “one of the episodes” of World War II. Two aspects were particularly emphasised in the presentation: firstly, that there were war prisoners among the captives and secondly, the utilitarian use of human bodies for industry.

The video work documents the various reactions of the visitors in front of the display case. It is significant that not a single adult mentions the word “Holocaust”, because ideologically it does not suit the museum's concept. Nonetheless, some of the teenagers possess some, however vague, knowledge of the fact that “concentration camps had something to do with Jews”.