Mission W – Narrated

3 sculptures (paint on wood, metal, laser print), each 243 x 84 x 11 cm, HD-video

The project was realized in a frame of the Mission W in the Biosphere Park in the Vienna Woods, close to the Jubiläumswarte viewing tower.

Based on their common interest in site-specific exhibition spaces outside the white cube, and in the fluid relations between people, objects and nature, the artists  Eva Engelbert and Katrin Hornek have invited nine other artists to develop works for a forest site in the Vienna Woods: Barbara Kapusta / Noële Ody, Ludwig Kittinger, Ralo Mayer, Klaus Schafler, Susanne Schuda, Eva Seiler, Ekaterina Shapiro-­Obermair and Johanna Tinzl.

The three sculptural displays refer to an area outside of the Vienna Woods – Gorki Leninskiye, which is located 35 km south of Moscow. The place is famous for the estate of the same name, where Vladimir Lenin spent the last years of his life and where he died in January 1924. Since 1949 there is a museum there, formerly one of the most important sites in the Soviet Union, constituting the cult of Lenin. 

After the collapse of the communist system the museum did not only loose its attraction for once numerous visitors, its whole concept needed to be changed. Also a story of the former owner of the house, Zinaida Morozova-Reinbot, started to be told. The widow of one of the most important Russian art patrons, Savva Morozow, redesigned the house with the help of the well-known architect Fyodor Schechtel and equipped it with modern facilities. After the revolution the estate was expropriated by the Bolsheviks and she was forced to move out.

In April 2014 I took a guided tour through the house, while I was the only visitor there. The video which is documenting this visit could be viewed online and is a creating part of the Project.

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