Operation MORS

intervention during the exhibition
“If Chemicals Enter the Eyes, Wash Thoroughly With Clear Running Water”
at the 5th Novosibirsk Graphic Art Bienniale

together with Wolfgang Obermair

For the realisation of Operation MORS there are needed: Mors *, PVC-floor, houseplants

(a) Hydro rating by Mors watering: pour Juice on the PVC and spread evenly.
(b) Ongoing Staining Process: Continuous staining of the PVC surface through the exhibition visitors and the plant conditioned care operations of the supervisory staff.
(c) Symbiotic Conservation: Due to the intense attention to the indoor plants there will be a transfer of care to the entire exhibition area.

* Mors (Russian: морс) – a Russian juice beverage that is made from grapes.

14. September – 15. November 2007
Novosibirsk State Art Museum