Salon systémique

solo exhibition, 2010
installation of four objects and eight collages
wood, varnish, gouache, cardboard, glass, metal

The emphasis of Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair´s artistic intention lies thus in the attempt to extend the field of activity of the artist to curatorial work, exhibition design, architecture, culturology and ethnography. The position of the artist, the collector and the curator are placed in a relationship next to each other. Most of her works bear relation upon Russian art and culture.

The artist´s intention in “Salon Systémique” is tied to the production of spatial-representational constellations, which are formed from various self-produced as found elements. Her patterns, objects, collages, everyday objects and furniture emphasize, through their artisan texture and agerelated traces, its materiality and its presence. The objects refer – whether they were made or found – to historical contexts, without being pure quotations. They are not literally themselves nor anything else, but memories of forms, reduction and materiality.

May 21 – June 17, 2010
Start Gallery of the City of Vienna
MUSA – Museum on Demand, Vienna