us and them

solo exhibition, 2012

Like playing a complex puzzle, Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair sets in her exhibition, “us and them”, different, sometimes contradictory, modular elements of her work to a strict, balanced ensemble together. Different cultural phenomena, that have little in common at first glance, are put in relation to each other. As an example, American minimalist sculptures have some similarities with Soviet memorial sites, that have arisen the same time. The interest of the artist is focused on production of images and forms on the terrain of the visual arts, but, what could be conceived under the concept of art, depends primarily on the cultural context. The analysis of partly biographically determined cultural environment, and the demarcation from the other as an identity-forming parameter, is as much a part of Shapiro-Obermair´s artistic investigation as reflections on qualities of painting, which confront the concepts of geopolitical space.

Histories and other Eternally Recurring Things
By David Quigley

On view: May 18 ‒ June 8, 2012

Events programme:

Yoon Suk Jung “The Home of Stars” (5.24)
Hermann Gabler “Titel: Wolfgang” (5.31)
Nastya Ryabova “The False Calculations Presidium” (6.7)

Schikanedergasse 11, 1040 Wien