book release: OLHO DE PEIXE

Vienna, AT
Book release: Olho de Peixe
64 pages, limited to 300 copies
Fr. 4th of July 2014, 7pm

With fish and drinks!

In parallel the book will be also launched at AISCA and on the 5th of July at Inc-Livros, Portugal.

Krongasse 10
1050 Vienna

In August 2013 Vasco Costa and Wolfgang Obermair opened their exhibition Olho de Peixe (Fisheye) in a drydock building of the city’s former shipyard. The exhibition followed their three-week stay at the AIR program in Viana do Castelo, hosted by the art association AISCA, now in charge of the drydock area. For this occasion, their activities merged with a double aim: to create a draft for the discussion on visual culture, and to document their ambivalent relationship to the outer worlds’ visibility – most notably through sensitized materials and a performative sculptural approach. In this line of thought, the artists’ cooperation was inspired by specific local conditions, such as the history and architecture of the former shipyard building, the hub of the tides, the fishing industry and the local rites of the people of Viana do Castelo.

The presented artist book at the Schneiderei, that is available in an edition of 300, tries to sum up the experience of theire working process in a visual essay.

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